This group lesson was designed for aspiring makeup artists or makeup artists looking to upskill and learn how to achieve my signature glam. I wanted to create a lesson that isn't yet offered in the market.

A couple of weeks training with a high price tag, and lots and lots of boring theory work was something I didn't want in my lessons. (Although I do offer a two day course if you are completely starting out and also need to know the basics) I also didn't want my students leaving feeling discouraged or that they needed to spend extra $$$ on a completely new kit! I wanted to create a fun and comfortable atmosphere but at the same time personal enough for me to help each artist improve their skills individually. Hence why I kept it at 2 students max per class. It's personal enough but at the same time having another makeup artist with you helps to further your skills as you learn different techniques. In this intensive 7-8 hours there is a mix of everything I think you will need to help you kick start your makeup journey in the most fun way possible! Here is a run down on the day.


  • Students arrive

  • Look through each students kit, I will decide which product I think will work well for them and which I don't think will work. We will also condense the kit and brushes.

  • Look through whats in my kit, what products I highly recommend using and purchasing (if the student does not have anything similar)

  • How I set up my work station.


  • Model arrives

  • Show how I prep the mdels skin

  • How to shape the brows

  • Application technique for eyeshadow to different eye shapes

  • How to create a flawless full coverage base without looking or feeling cakey

  • How to contour, bronze, blush and highlight properly

  • How to set the makeup for longevity

  • Lips and final touches.


  • Finish with model

  • How to take pictures/videos

  • What lighting I use

  • How to edit


Student 1 will apply makeup on Student 2 with my guidance on half the face, following the steps from the model earlier.




Student 2 will apply makeup on Student 1 with my guidance.


Two models will arrive ready for the students to apply the makeup.

For this session, I like to challenge my students to try complete the makeup in one hour. Most students tell me that they take 2-3 hours on a face, and I believe if you give yourself so much time, you will use up all that time. Being a makeup artist is generally a fast-paced job - especially if you are looking to beome a bridal or editorial/backstage makeup artist. I willl be on standby if the students need my help/questions but generally they would've absorbed so much knowledge from earlier that they're capable of creating my signature look without my help!


Photos of the models


  • Certificate time!

  • Pictures

  • How to edit photos

  • Questions, questions, questions!!!

My students are welcome to message me ANYTIME after the class if they have any questions. I'm always here to help :)

$290 per hour. Minimum 2 hours.

4 hours : $260 per hour.


I will apply makeup to one side of your face, while you practice applying on the other side with my assistance.


To broaden your existing knowledge about makeup artistry, I will share my tips and tricks for freelancing and how I apply makeup to my clients. (Please ensure that you have a model to practice on the day - 4 hours minimum is recommended)


  • How to efficiently clean and sanitise all my products between each client.

  • How to create your own liability forms.

  • Skincare - how to prepare the skin prior to makeup application to ensure makeup lasting all day.

  • How to determine your clients skin type, colour and tone and match accordingly with the right base for longevity and flawless application.

  • How to apply eye makeup for different eye shapes and the type of lashes.

  • Base/foundation - choosing the best type of foundation suited for the clients specific skin type and the tools used for perfect application.

  • Contour, blush, highlighting and setting - how I create flawless dimension to the skin.

  • Eye makeup - different looks to compliment your eye colour and shape for day and night.

  • Eyebrows - creating that perfect shape to frame the face.

  • Lips - how to enhance the lips and suit skin tone.

With the lessons, I go through each topic in detail. I will then discuss which makeup products and tools I use on my clients. You will learn my techniques and application.

I recommend bringing the products that you already have at home/your existing professional makeup kit, so we can start with using what you already own, as well as experimenting with new products from my kit that I feel would really benefit you.

My students are all welcome to contact me whenever after the lessons for any questions! I'm always willing to help!